Viability of the Digitalization of Dental Laboratory in Bacolod City

Keywords: Hospital Administration, Multi-Specialty Dental, Viability, Descriptive, Bacolod City


Dentistry has evolved from its origin to the present day, becoming almost entirely digitized and supervised. The digitalized dental laboratory saves time due to computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology, which will capture and display clients' tooth or teeth and gums on a 3D image on a computer screen sent to the lab.  It enables a dental lab technician to work faster and get the perfect design of the digital dental restoration. The main advantage of digitalization includes faster and improved efficiency on the turn-around time of devices, like crowns and bridges, and improved accuracy of procedures and manufactured gadgets. Digitalization Dental Laboratory (DDL) is the first to offer a digital dental lab in the city of Bacolod. The service allows laboratories to design the prosthesis digitally from in-house CAD software and email the design data provider or download the data file into a proprietary web host or server. The lab will cater to the digital needs of dental patients of the Multi-Specialty Dental Center (a sister company of DDL) and other dental clients.

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Mendez, P. B. S., & Mibato, R. N. (2020). Viability of the Digitalization of Dental Laboratory in Bacolod City. Philippine Social Science Journal, 3(2), 31-32.