Academic Performance of Senior High School Students in Pre-Calculus

  • Rogie E. Padernal John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod, Bacolod City, Philippines
  • Crispina V. Diego University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, Bacolod City, Philippines
Keywords: Education, Academic Performance, Pre-Calculus, Senior High School Students, Maritime School, Bacolod City


Knowledge in Pre-Calculus depends on students' understanding of Algebra and Trigonometry. The result of the Program for International Students Assessment (PISA) in 2018 disclosed that the Philippines ranked the second-lowest in Mathematics assessment and indicated low performance in advanced subjects such as Calculus. Hence, the paper described the level of academic performance of senior high school students in a maritime school in Bacolod City during the school year 2019-2020. Likewise, it aimed to determine the relationship between the students' demographics and the level of academic performance in Pre-Calculus. Furthermore, it is intended to test the correlation and predictive capability of the school of origin and entrance examination scores in the academic performance of students in Pre-Calculus.

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Padernal, R. E., & Diego, C. V. (2020). Academic Performance of Senior High School Students in Pre-Calculus. Philippine Social Science Journal, 3(2), 69-70.