Health Risks in Natural Disasters: Four Case Studies in the Philippines

Keywords: Disaster risk reduction, Disaster preparedness, Health risks, Case studies, Philippines


The Philippines is prone to a variety of natural calamities. Consequently, the community's health is impacted by many extreme events. This study investigates stakeholders' knowledge and preparedness in the face of major natural events and disasters, health impacts of disasters in the community, and different sectors' response amid extreme events, explicitly flooding, earthquakes, super typhoons, and volcanic eruptions. Data was gathered from four locations through interviews and focus group discussions, and available literature and situation reports. According to the narratives, residents' and local government units' awareness of an impending catastrophic event and disaster preparations are critical. Moreover, community members experienced various immediate, short-term, and long-term health impacts due to various disasters. Therefore, the lessons in this study should be used to improve its preparations, strategies, and protocols.

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Lamberte, E. E., Demeterio III, F. P. A., & Clamor, W. L. L. (2021). Health Risks in Natural Disasters: Four Case Studies in the Philippines. Philippine Social Science Journal, 4(2), 8-17.