“Tagay ta, Bai!”: The Social Dynamics of Filipino Social Drinking

Keywords: Anthropology, Alcohol, Social drinking, Ethnography, Philippines


This study investigated the social dynamics of Filipino social drinking, or "tagay". It aimed to answer the following: (1) define tagay as a distinct drinking culture; (2) determine the technicalities and rules of tagay; and (3) assess the perceptions and interpretations of the participants on tagay. This study employed the qualitative research design through the ethnographic method as the primary research technique. Tagay is engaged by people for reasons usually celebratory and enjoyable in nature. It possesses social dynamics and elements which gear its conduct- rules, time and place, behaviors, gender and power relations, material components, roles, mechanisms, definitions, and functions. Differing through social considerations, the identity of tagay as a Filipino drinking culture remains distinct as embodied by a single drinking glass and continues to be dynamic and adaptive, relying on those who partake. Tagay becomes what it is depending on the perception of those who participate.

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Omamalin, J. S. (2022). “Tagay ta, Bai!”: The Social Dynamics of Filipino Social Drinking. Philippine Social Science Journal, 5(3), 9-20. https://doi.org/10.52006/main.v5i3.494