Lived Experiences of Incarcerated Mothers

  • Shella Marcela P. Villanueva University of San Agustin
  • Lisa Anna M. Gayoles University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos
Keywords: Drugs, Incarceration, Mothers, Phenomenology, Iloilo City, Philippines


This study aimed to establish the lived experiences of persons deprived of liberty at the Iloilo City District Jail-Female Dorm, particularly mothers, based on their lived experiences as incarcerated mothers. It utilized the phenomenological research design. Common themes that emerged from the lived experiences of seven incarcerated mothers were drugs as reason for incarceration; inability to perform parental duties; missing family members; financial and encouragement provider; physical absence; religious coping; emotion-focused coping; embracing positive attitude through spirituality; having a happy family by becoming a better person and mother; promising future; and learning from the “inside”.  These common themes were grouped into five main themes namely:  incarceration due to drugs, facing the challenges of motherhood while incarcerated, being strong emotionally and spiritually, maintaining a positive outlook, and being hopeful.  The findings suggest implications for collaborative efforts in developing programs for the improvement and sustainability of the well-being of incarcerated women.

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Villanueva, S. M. P., & Gayoles, L. A. M. (2019). Lived Experiences of Incarcerated Mothers. Philippine Social Science Journal, 2(1), 37-52.