Assessment of e-learning Experience of Senior High School Students in a Private School

Keywords: e-learning, SERVQUAL, Descriptive-correlational, Philippines


The global pandemic drastically impacted the education landscape, directing schools to shift from traditional classrooms to online education. Online education paved the way for e-learning as the new normal mode of education. This study assessed the e-learning experiences of Senior High School students in a private academic institution that used a descriptive-correlational research design using mean, standard deviation, t-test, ANOVA, and Pearson correlation coefficient in data analysis. Three hundred sixteen students were surveyed. Results showed that perceived quality is very positive, and students were highly satisfied with their e-learning experience; however, this was not translated to the behavioral intention of recommending e-learning to other students. Results also showed that only the perceived quality significantly differs while the other dimensions do not vary. Finally, the results showed that e-Learning quality, level of satisfaction, behavioral intention, and grade expectation were all positively correlated. It can be concluded that students show a positive assessment of their e-learning experience. However, developing strategies that will enhance their educational learning experience is still recommended to fully embrace the new normal education.

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Sagala, G. B., Haguisan III, I. A., & Suarez, R. D. P. (2022). Assessment of e-learning Experience of Senior High School Students in a Private School. Philippine Social Science Journal, 5(4), 91-99.