The Quality of Teaching Practices of Physical Education Teachers

  • Christopher T. Jaspe West Visayas State University, Iloilo City
Keywords: Physical Education, Quality Teaching Practices, Physical Education Teachers, Descriptive-Comparative Research, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Iloilo City, Philippines


The need to shift teaching practices towards a new paradigm is now a challenge in higher education. This descriptive-comparative study examined the level of quality of teaching practices of PE teachers among State Universities and Colleges in Iloilo City. A Teacher Evaluation Tool was conducted to all PE teachers, department-chairs, and 534 randomly selected students. The data obtained were subjected to appropriate statistical treatments. The results indicated that the quality of teaching practices of PE teachers is high in the areas of instruction, evidence of student-learning, management/organization, learning climate, and professionalism. Besides, PE teachers rated themselves very high regardless of some factors. A significant difference existed when assessors were grouped according to their designation. Best practices, problems, and recommendations were considered in constructing a quality PE development plan. The results affirmed that SUCs in Iloilo City possess PE teachers that commonly hold notable qualifications as reflected in their teaching practices.

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Jaspe, C. T. (2019). The Quality of Teaching Practices of Physical Education Teachers. Philippine Social Science Journal, 2(1), 115.