Parents’ Narratives on the Online Content Risks among Filipino Children

Keywords: Narratology, Online content risks among children, Deductive analysis, Philippines


It is prevalent that the internet has become a part of a child's life. However, this accessibility comes with risks that start at the age of 8. Hence, this Narratology explored the experiences of these Filipino children with online content risks as told by their parents. The deductive method was used to analyze the data using the Personal Experience Narrative (PEN) and the 4Cs: Classifying Online Risks Among Children as frameworks for the story structure. Based on the study's findings, all online content risks are observable, which usually happens at home. Aggressive content risks are common to all and interconnect with other risks. Parental supervision was also emphasized as a critical factor affecting these children's exposure. The findings of this study could be a basis for developing Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials and other related future research.

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Peralta, R. J. Z. (2023). Parents’ Narratives on the Online Content Risks among Filipino Children. Philippine Social Science Journal, 6(2), 9-15.