Satisfaction and Preferences on Student Publication

  • Elmer John E. Basa Visayan Maritime Academy Global College, Bacolod City, Philippines
Keywords: Student Publication, Degree of Satisfaction, Extent of Preferences, Descriptive, Correlational, Comparative, Bacolod City, Philippines


The students’ satisfaction and expectations are a tool to re-invent and improve student publication. The goals of this quantitative research are to discover the degree of satisfaction and the extent of preferences of the students of The Wheelhouse publication; hence, it utilized descriptive, correlational, and comparative methods to reveal the expectations of 270 student-readers. Results revealed that the students are satisfied with their school paper while they prefer the three journalistic styles. In terms of sex, the results showed that there is a significant difference between the male and the female.  However, there is no significant difference when they are compared according to course. Finally, in the variable year level, there is a significant difference revealed in the technicalities among the second-year students. The outcome of this study was used as a guide in the composition of a campus journalism manual and a publishable dummy of a magazine.

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Basa, E. J. E. (2019). Satisfaction and Preferences on Student Publication. Philippine Social Science Journal, 2(1), 119.