Unveiling the Recipe for Disaster Vulnerability: A Multidimensional Analysis in Dumaguete City, Philippines

Keywords: Disaster vulnerability, Disaster preparedness, Coping capacity, Multivariate regression analysis, Philippines


Disaster vulnerability is not just a condition but a consequence of the interactions of natural and social factors. From this viewpoint, it is imperative to consider both natural and social factors when planning effective disaster risk reduction strategies. This study sought to determine factors that predict disaster vulnerability. Specifically, this research determined the associations between several socio-ecological dimensions (e.g., environmental, social, and economic profile), coping capacity, disaster preparedness, and disaster vulnerability of selected households in Dumaguete city. Using snowball sampling, a descriptive correlational design was used to collect data from self-report surveys of non-probable samples of 150 households from different disaster-prone barangays. Frequency count, weighted mean, and standard deviation were used to describe the data, and a multiple linear regression analysis was done to test the study's hypotheses. Findings show that the respondents manifested moderate levels of coping capacity and disaster preparedness while having high levels of disaster vulnerability. The study revealed that disaster preparedness and coping capacity were negatively correlated to disaster vulnerability. Aside from coping capacity and disaster preparedness, environmental, social, and economic profiles were also noted to predict disaster vulnerability significantly. Environmental profile was the most vital determinant of the participants’ perceived disaster vulnerability. To better prepare for disasters, it is suggested that city disaster risk reduction strategies focus on helping vulnerable barangays develop better adaptive capacities and manage environmental hazards. This could include providing training on essential hazard management and creating income-generating opportunities to offset the adverse effects of disasters.

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Lacuesta, J. V. E. (2024). Unveiling the Recipe for Disaster Vulnerability: A Multidimensional Analysis in Dumaguete City, Philippines. Philippine Social Science Journal, 6(4), 85-95. https://doi.org/10.52006/main.v6i4.819