Preserving Heritage in Diaspora: A Study of Kapampangan Identity in Winnipeg

Keywords: Ethnic culture and identity, Kapampangan immigrants, Qualitative, Canada


The preservation of ethnic identity in a host society requires the ability of an individual to manage a balance between the need to adapt and the desire to remain connected to one's roots. Thus, this article investigates how the Kapampangans, one of the major ethnic groups in the Philippines, imagine and preserve their culture and ethnic identities in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Five (5) Kapampangan participants were identified through the snowball technique. It was found that the Canadian government supports individuals in preserving their culture and identity through programs, activities, and communities. Kapampangans utilize their native language, provide Kapampangan cuisine, and revive the Kapampangan spirit through festivities and gatherings to maintain their ethnic identity. These individuals acknowledged that maintaining one's identity in a foreign country like Canada depends upon how strongly one wishes to uphold his culture and tradition. This study offers valuable insights for Filipinos, Kapampangans, scholars, and other countries with an increasing number of such ethnic immigrants. This may also impart knowledge for migration studies and other related courses.

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Cruz, W. M., & Demeterio III, F. P. A. (2024). Preserving Heritage in Diaspora: A Study of Kapampangan Identity in Winnipeg. Philippine Social Science Journal, 6(4), 63-71.