Graduates Without Jobs: Understanding the Situation of Unemployed Kachin Youth in Myanmar

Keywords: Unemployment, Kachin graduates, Job market, Case study, Myanmar


Unemployment among college graduates has become a global issue that puts young people in a disadvantaged position. Employing a collective case study design, this paper aimed to understand Kachin graduates' life experiences, subjective perspectives on unemployment, and career interests and challenges. Online interviews were conducted with seven participants who had graduated but remained unemployed for at least six months. The results showed that political instability, a downturn in the economy, and a mismatch between education and the job market were the key factors that contributed to the unemployment problem of Kachin graduates nowadays. The research also found that low self-esteem, social isolation, and financial problems are the major consequences of unemployment experienced by Kachin graduates. The majority agreed that they had career interests in self-employed business but faced the challenges of lacking economic capital. In conclusion, the systems of social institutions were the key factors causing the unemployment problems of Kachin's young graduates; therefore, structural reforms are required to achieve lasting change. Putting this into context, unemployed Kachin graduates should try to be job creators at an individual level and in cooperated means rather than being job seekers or employees.

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Ps., H. A. (2024). Graduates Without Jobs: Understanding the Situation of Unemployed Kachin Youth in Myanmar. Philippine Social Science Journal, 7(1), 9-19.