Developing a Cross-Cultural Competence Scale for Pre-Service Teachers: A Filipino Case Study

Keywords: Teacher education, Cross-cultural competence, Factor analysis, Psychometrics, Scale development


As classrooms grow increasingly diverse, cross-cultural competence (CCC) becomes imperative for pre-service teachers to create inclusive, equitable learning environments. Hence, this study focuses on developing a cross-cultural competence scale specifically for pre-service teachers that highlights the dynamic nature of education and the need to foster inclusivity amid increasing classroom diversity, aiming to address gaps concerning assessment tools dedicated explicitly for pre-service teachers. Exploratory factor analysis of an initial 29-item scale assessing knowledge, teaching flexibility, willingness to engage students, and cultural empathy administered to 109 Filipino pre-service teachers' responses ultimately yielded a 22-item, two-factor structure with sound psychometric properties: "Attitudes Toward Culturally Diverse Students" and "Cultural Knowledge and Teaching Flexibility." The factors align well with the conceptual domains of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning. This research significantly contributes a contextualized CCC instrument that enhances multicultural education and evaluates pre-service teachers' readiness for diverse classrooms, aligning with the educational dynamic imperative. In summary, this research makes an invaluable contribution to teacher training and multicultural education by developing a targeted and rigorously validated assessment tool.

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Tudayan, J. L. P., Ogoy, J. I. N., & Pangngay, J. J. (2024). Developing a Cross-Cultural Competence Scale for Pre-Service Teachers: A Filipino Case Study. Philippine Social Science Journal, 6(4), 43-50.