Spiritual Well-Being of Senior High School Students of Philippine Public Schools

Keywords: Social science, Spiritual well-being, Senior high school students, Descriptive-comparative, Philippines


Spirituality is essential among students in their pursuit of meaning and beliefs. However, in public schools, values and religious education are less focused, compromising students' spiritual well-being. Thus, this study assessed the degree of spiritual well-being of senior high school students of public schools in Bacolod City, Philippines in terms of religious and existential well-being. It also compared the spiritual, religious, and existential well-being assessments. A quantitative design gathered the data from 335 students. Using the descriptive and inferential analyses, the results revealed that the students' spiritual well-being was moderate. Also, their religious well-being is high, while existential well-being is moderate. It indicates the need to effectively hone the students’ values to recognize their life’s purpose and satisfaction. Meanwhile, there was no difference in their spiritual, religious, and existential well-being. Thus, values and religious formations are highly encouraged to guarantee the students’ spiritual well-being.

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Cena, J. B., & Bual, J. M. (2021). Spiritual Well-Being of Senior High School Students of Philippine Public Schools. Philippine Social Science Journal, 4(4), 50-61. https://doi.org/10.52006/main.v4i4.446