Assessing the Rice Production and Its Determinants: Empirical Evidence from Albuera, Leyte, Philippines

Keywords: Agricultural economics, Rice production, Determinants and constraint, Categorical relationship analysis, Leyte, Philippines


Rice is the most important crop grown in the Philippines since it is an essential food and a source of income for many Filipinos. The study’s purpose is to determine the various influencing factors affecting the rice production of small-scale farmers in Albuera, Leyte, Philippines. Using Slovin’s formula, a total of 73 rice farmers were randomly selected as respondents to the survey. Some descriptive techniques were employed to summarize the different variables. A categorical relationship analysis using a Chi-square test was used to analyze the significant factors of rice production. Results showed that about 57.53% and 42.47% of the farmers are experiencing low and high production levels, respectively. On average, rice farmers are "moderately affected" (M=23.00, SD=4.55) by the different constraints in the rice production process from planting to harvesting. In addition, farmers are  "uncertain" (M=19.67, SD=3.01) about the effectiveness and usefulness of extension agents' role in their production process. Moreover, it is revealed that the demographic profile, constraints in rice farming, and extension agents' role does not affect the farmers' rice production level. On the other hand, other sources of income (p=0.034), monthly income in farming (p=0.13), and farm size (p<0.001) are the only significant determinants in the rice production level. Hence, the study suggested that rural farmers must be supported by the government concerning their agricultural inputs, capital, and equipment, among others. Furthermore, the local government must train their extension agents rigorously to appropriately disseminate the new technologies to farmers so that they can adopt them systematically to improve their level of rice production. 

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Casinillo, L. F., Rebojo, H. S., & Dargantes Jr., V. C. (2023). Assessing the Rice Production and Its Determinants: Empirical Evidence from Albuera, Leyte, Philippines. Philippine Social Science Journal, 6(1), 85-93.

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